Submissions to distribute:

Are you interested in us distributing your zines? Then send us a sample of your work!

You can either fill out a super quick form here
or email us/find us at a print fair/post your work to:

Tender Hands Press, 76 Chervil Close, Manchester, M14 7DP, England, UK.

Please also include the following info:
  • A little bio and the creation(s) you are sending
  • Your contact details (email or address) and social media handles (so we can credit you)
  • Your retail and wholesale prices (often 50% of retail price but happy to negotiate)

All samples can be returned. We purchase upfront and pay through PayPal.
  • Max retail price for publications : £6
  • Max retail price for prints: £10
  • Max retail price for posters: £10
  • Max retail price for badges: £1

Submissions to print:

If you want us to print your work, then please refer to the printing info below.