✄ Upcoming events:

✐  Riso- zine making workshops coming soon!

✄ Call out:

✐ Lost In Transition zine

Lost in Transition explores displacement, acceptance, vulnerability, anger and forgiveness through a series of letters aimed to loved ones by queer south asians who have struggled with understanding their identity whilst having to conform to binary notions and forms in their culture and environment.

deadline: 20th Nov / submissions to tenderhandspress@gmail.com

✄ News:

✐ We are now based in Glasgow Zine Library! 

✐ We have also set up a patreon in order to save up funds to put towards better equipment and costs towards consumables and this website!

Please do suppot us if you can or if you come across any bursaries/ways to apply for funding, then that would also be so much appreciated!