Tender Hands is a one-woman run risograph press, located in Manchester, UK, specialising in creative community engagement workshops and publishing + distributing small DIY zines and arts, by creatives of colour, queer, non-binary and trans folks.

Our aim is to make printing creative content more accessible, affordable and to also help diversify DIY scenes, creative communities and spaces.

Send us: zines, badges, posters and prints up to A3 size.
We love DIY arts on the themes of: craft, culture, sexuality, activism,
per-zines, fanzines, feminism, politics, identity, mental health, self-care, internet, relationships, gender, class, disability, religion, gaming, community, friendship, lists, food/recipes, music, memories, plants, tv/films and more to:

Don’t send us: any content that advocates homo/bi/queer/trans-phobia, racism, sexism, body shaming, culture appropriation, victim blaming and animal abuse.

Find us here: