Tender Hands is a one-woman run risograph press, located in Manchester, UK, specialising in creative community engagement workshops and publishing + distributing small DIY zines and arts, by creatives of colour, queer, non-binary and trans folks.

Our aim is to make printing creative content more accessible, affordable and to also help diversify DIY scenes, creative communities and spaces.

Send us: zines, badges, posters and prints up to A3 size.
We love DIY arts on the themes of: craft, culture, sexuality, activism,
per-zines, fanzines, feminism, politics, identity, mental health, self-care, internet, relationships, gender, class, disability, religion, gaming, community, friendship, lists, food/recipes, music, memories, plants, tv/films and more to:

Don’t send us: any content that advocates homo/bi/queer/trans-phobia, racism, sexism, body shaming, culture appropriation, victim blaming and animal abuse.

Find us here:

With a focus on diversifying and building community art spaces and scenes, our MAKE STUFF workshops explore a contemporary model of skill-sharing. Open to all who seek comfort through making, every month we create a safe and playful space to encourage people of all abilities and backgrounds to learn, collaborate and share.

The affordable workshops are lead by emerging creatives sharing their skill(s), which vary from printing, animation to even coding and languages. All funds from the workshops goes towards paying creatives, materials and travel costs.

If you enjoy working with people and want to share your skill, email us with a workshop proposal at:

Find us here:
Submissions to distribute:

Are you interested in us distributing your zines? Then send us a sample of your work!

You can either fill out a super quick form here
or email us/find us at a print fair/post your work to:

Tender Hands Press, 76 Chervil Close, Manchester, M14 7DP, England, UK.

Please also include the following info:
  • A little bio and the creation(s) you are sending
  • Your contact details (email or address) and social media handles (so we can credit you)
  • Your retail and wholesale prices (often 50% of retail price but happy to negotiate)

All samples can be returned. We purchase upfront and pay through PayPal.
  • Max retail price for publications : £6
  • Max retail price for prints: £10
  • Max retail price for posters: £10
  • Max retail price for badges: £1

Submissions to print:

If you want us to print your work, then please refer to the printing info below.
Printing & Pricing:

When sending your content to print, remember to add information regarding the number of copies, number of pages of your zine, size and what colour you want it to be printed.

We can print:
  • Zines: A6, A5  
  • Posters/Flyers: A6, A5, A4, A3

How we can bind:
  • Folded or saddle stitched.

What we need:
  • PDF, PSD or InDesign Files or original masters - physical copy or digital copy, email to:

You can also use the following guides to help you out!