Tender Hands is a small community-focused risograph press, specialising in creative skill-sharing workshops and publishing + distributing printed matter by marginalised creatives, grassroots and non-profit organisations.

Our aim is to make printing creative content more accessible, affordable and to also help diversify DIY scenes, creative communities and spaces.

We are currently based in Rumpus Room in Langside Lane, Glasgow, UK.

TH is currently closed due to Covid-19.

Find us here:

**Please note TH is currently closed and operating remotely**

With a focus on DIY arts, diversifying and building community art spaces, we offer workshops and open access sessions:


workshops exploring a contemporary model of skill-sharing, open to all who seek comfort through making. Every month we create a safe and playful space to encourage people of all abilities and backgrounds to bring a project they have been working on for any advice, critique or lots of helping hands.
#makestuffclub / @makestuffclub

Riso Inductions/£10

want to learn more about risograph printing and how you can publish your own zine or create other printed works? We now hold inductions on our equipment, where you will be shown how to use the riso printer and other fascilities.

Riso Open-Access/Book Slots:

once you’ve had your induction, you can book yourself a (half, 1 or 2 hour) slot to print your projects!  Slot-sheets will be posted on the TH board. 

Open Access price-list:
£3/ master per colour
10p/ printed impression
We ask you to bring your own uncoated paper.

TH technician will be there to help you assist if needed and to calculate all costs, just bring your print job and ask us!

All prices are non-profit and will go towards covering consumables and requiring better equipment.
All Govanhill residents will receive 10% discount on all print jobs.

if you have any questions, you can contact us at: tenderhandspress@gmail.com

FREE Downloadables!

Join us this christmas eve at 2pm GMT for a live ornament assembling workshop over on instagram! 

Feel free to download and print as many as you like and share with your family or pals!

What you will need to assemble this:
* Scalpel/ Craft knife
* PVA or equivalent glue
* Ruler
* Something to pierce small holes - can be an awl/pin

See you soon!

The One-Sheet Wonder Project is suitable for anyone who is just starting to make zines or enjoys working in a smaller printed format.

What this entails:
- You post us your zine + a fiver.
- We post your zine back within two weeks + up to 40 copies printed in one or two riso colours, A3 or A4 size.

Free biannual zine printing for patreon supporters!

Please ensure to complete and send this form when posting your submission. Please also note that this opportunity is specifically for people who do not have access to a printer.